SSP "fluct" Integrates with Wider Planet’s Korea Largest DSP "TargetingGates", as first in Japan

fluct, a Japanese digital marketing technology company, integrates its SSP business with DSP “TargetingGates” operated by Wider Planet, and starts providing RTB transactions.
“TargetingGates”, the largest DSP in Korea, holds its targeting technology applying cookie / keyword of a site content. This Integration enables further growth of revenue expansion among media / application which is affiliated with SSP “fluct”, because the volume numbers of smartphone display ad are distributed thru SSP “fluct”.

fluct has been providing a monetization service for a media since 2008, and contributed to ad revenue maximization for over 15,000 medias. fluct is focusing on the promising Native Ad as a new alternative revenue source for a media, and expanding its RTB transactions accordingly. For co-creating the growth of a media, in addition to the SSP service, as a Google Authorized Partner to a site-holder, fluct provides convenient services for media / application developer; by utilizing “Google AdSense” to a site-holder, and “DoubleClick Ad Exchange” to a premium site-holder.