adingo Integrates with BRANDSCREEN to Drive Global RTB Revenue

As of November 5, adingo announces its integration with Brandscreen, the biggest Demand-Side Platform (DSP) in the Asia-Pacific region (APAC).

adingo is the developer of the Sell-Side Platform Fluct, introduced in 2010 and currently holding a large portion of Japan's display and mobile ad inventory, serving over 17 billion impressions to 4000 publishers every month. Fluct has already partnered with several major international DSPs and Ad Exchanges, providing large numbers of Japanese ad impressions to global advertisers. adingo anticipates this latest partnership with Brandscreen to allow Fluct to deliver even greater numbers of quality impressions to customers throughout the region and beyond.

Brandscreen was founded by Julian Tol and Seth Yates in 2006, and is regarded as a world leader in real-time media trading technology. It provides the underlying infrastructure, optimization intelligence and applications that power many of the world's leading media trading desks.

Commenting on the integration, adingo's Executive Director, Shoho Kozawa, said, "This integration gives advertisers in APAC an opportunity to further strengthen their business presence in Japan. Brandscreen is one of the strongest technology companies in APAC and adingo is very pleased to be collaborating with them."